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“ThunderStruck! When Clouds scare the hell out of you” by Neil White via Medium

Neil White is LSD OPEN’s technical director and is often involved in the internal infrastructure part of the company. Recently, he ran into a particularly scary problem with one of our cloud instances and the Ethereum validators running in it.

Red alert emails flying around, being completely locked out of the environment and the information contained on it – essentially everything was on fire. After following the recommended appeal routes and not gaining any headway whatsover, Neil came up with a plan to move the infrastructure from one cloud provider environment to another.

This is a particularly scary problem to deal with because of the lack of accesss you have to your environment and speaks to cloud vendor lock-in a bit as well. What do you do when you get locked out of your own cloud platform?

Read the full post and what Neil did to resolve the issue using tools like Terraform on his Medium page.

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