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“Run PHP and Composer commands via Docker” via

Seagyn Davis joined LSD OPEN’s technical team in 2021 and contribution has already been felt. Seagyn also has his own blog on which he publishes mostly technical pieces, which we’ll feature here on the LSD People Blog from time to time. Here’s an excerpt from the post, and you can read more on his blog by clicking on the button below:

“I moved to a new machine recently and have been actively making sure that I don’t have any reliance on the existence of this machine. All the config that I usually need is stored in a git repo along with a bunch of other useful things like aliases, common stuff I need to be installed, and my ssh config.

Along with this, I also don’t want to have to install every bit of software on the planet. This made me search for a better way to use the PHP CLI and Composer. For me, this made sense to run them via Docker. If you use Laravel, this means you can run Artisan commands via Docker as well.”

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