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LSD Stimulus Package

Our vision at LSD is to make the world more OPEN. We work and play with some of the best people, who we really care for. LSD recently acquired Bitcoin for our corporate balance sheet.

This is great for the company, but I really want to ensure that our people also have some crypto exposure, as I believe in the decentralized OPEN technology, the value it creates, and in the future i really believe it can create long term wealth. Many of our people already have significant crypto assets and holdings, but there are also many that dont. Often it is seen as a technical barrier and people are unsure where to start. To this end, all employees of LSD will be asked to create a Bitfund account and select a portfolio. LSD will do a once off deposit of R1400.00 (the US stimulus is $1400. heh) for each person (current and future). These accounts will be in their own names and are free to be withdrawn at any time (I really recommend you just hodl).

It’s a small amount, but I believe if you want to get people interested or excited about something (the up and down), get them invested, and over time, i’m very convinced even a small amount today will be a significant asset in future.


  • Bill Haskins

    Am intrigued that people still make money mining Bitcoin, especially after the massive failure of MTI

    • Charl Barkhuizen

      I think the Average Joe has moved on from mining entirely and now focused squarely on investing. At least, that's the perception I get from hanging around social networks.

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